On Wednesday, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras attended the opening of the 1st Exhibition of Social and Solidarity Economy, in Technopolis, Gazi. Addressing the event, Mr. Tsipras expressed his delight, as there are people capable and creative who were not discouraged during the hard years of the economic crisis, but found a way to engage in economically viable and socially beneficial business endeavors. More than 150 bodies of Social and Solidarity Economy, active throughout the country and in the whole spectrum of economy, participate in the Exhibition.

Social and Solidarity Economy has proven that it can mobilize social resources with great efficiency, said the Prime Minister, adding that the government supports this action not only due to economic reasons but also out of respect for some principles, such as democracy in production, respect for labor and the deriving rights, and healthy competition on the basis of improving the product produced and not constantly compressing labor costs. Mr. Tsipras also announced the operation of the Social Economy Fund, next month, with an initial capital of 10 million euros; this fund will support all bodies of Social and Solidarity Economy that have been excluded up to now from the bank system.


Translation: Eleni Gogou