There is a great wave of solidarity for the fire victims of Attica coming from Germany. Essential items as well as money are being collected on a political level, on the level of Greek communities, associations and the Church. One such initiative is launched by Lisa Bandum, of the German Green Party (Die Gruenen), and member of the Greek-German Parliamentary Committee at the German Parliament.

“What is needed now is also a message of intra-European solidarity. It requires specific, non-bureaucratic assistance to Greece, and particularly to the people of Kineta, Rafina and Mati which was destroyed by 98%”, declared Bandum on the official press release.

The Greeks of Germany are also expressing their solidarity through the Greek Communities and the Church by collecting donations that have already been or will be sent in the next few days to Greece. In order to relieve the victims, the Federation of Greek Communities calls on the communities to contribute financially to the Greek Red Cross account.