Today, Greece celebrates World Book Day with a host of events, starting from Athens and spreading throughout the country.

This institution is organized annually by UNESCO in order to promote and showcase, among other things, reading. The World Book Day is also a celebration of publishers and copyrights.

The date of April 23 was chosen by Catalonia’s booksellers for the first time by 1925, because it coincided with the date of Cervantes’ death. In 1995, UNESCO established 23rd April as the date of celebrating World Book Day, as it coincided with the death of another classic literary figure, William Shakespeare.

“We have to believe again that the book can change the world. In other ways, perhaps than those of the past. These new ways need to be discovered, through vision, co-operation, organization and method,” said the Minister of Culture and Sports, Myrsini Zorba, in her message on World Book Day.

The new “Book and Culture Organization”, which will soon become operational, stressed Ms. Zorba, “aims to promote the book and reading on the basis of the important developments of recent years both in the field of editorial production, circulation of books, as well as the readers’ new practices with the diffusion of audiovisual media and digital applications. ”