The 46th anniversary of the student uprising against the junta was commemorated on Sunday, November 17, with marches and events taking place across the country.

The draconian police security measures ensured that the events were peaceful without any incidents. Thousands of people in Athens, marched to the US Embassy.

At the top of the peaceful demonstration leading the march, was the block of students who carried the bloodstained Greek flag of the night of the uprising and members of the Prisoners-Exiled association.

Students’ associations, trade unions and ordinary citizens also participated, including representatives from political parties, with Alexis Tsipras leading the SYRIZA bloc and Dimitris Koutsoumbas leading the KKE march. In his message, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis stressed that “historical memory must be transformed into a creative present. Us Greeks united, we are building a better Greece”.