In their daily briefing, National Public Health spokesman S. Tsiodras and Deputy Minister of Civil Protection and Crisis Management N. Chardalias announced that there were 418 coronavirus cases in Greece, of which 31 are new and 64 that cannot be traced to a previously confirmed case. Seventy-nine patients are hospitalized, of whom 13 are intubated.

As Mr. Tsiodras said, the average age of intubated patients is approximately 70 years old. More than 6,000 samples have been tested to date, with the majority of cases being in Attica. Fourteen patients have been discharged from the hospital.

Mr. Tsiodras reiterated that no screening is recommended for patients with mild symptoms who do not belong to an high risk group. As he pointed out, we are all at risk of coronavirus, but at younger ages the risk is almost zero, and it increases significantly as we age.