Greece is a country with major advantages and exciting features that anyone would want, brand strategist Peter Economides said in an interview with the Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA) radio station 'Praktoreio 104.9 FM' on Saturday.

"Greece is full of treasures," said Economides, a Greek expatriate who ranks among the most successful professionals in his field, describing both the global conditions and the market where Greeks must promote their products, services and the country's image.

According to Economides, the strongest "weapon" that Greece has for this purpose is the way that Greeks live their lives. "What Greece has is a knowhow that pivots around life itself," he said, noting that the country must promote its many, alternative and largely unknown attributes, in addition to the classic associations with the sun, sea, antiquities and the rest.

"There are opportunities that are ready to be grabbed," he said, among them being that of 'clean food' that was healthier and more nutritious, a diet that did not include many processed foods, and something that Greeks took for granted but should not: a life with strong feeling that all the world now sought.

"I see two trends in the world at this time. On the one hand there are innovations that promise perfect performance and make life comfortable - convenience and efficiency. On the other hand there are other innovations that promise a "perfect experience" and this is where we live!" he pointed out.

"We are the experience, we are the people of the experience of life," he said.