Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis will have successive meetings today with the political leaders, in order to inform them about the developments in the national issues, after Turkey’s latest provocative moves, as well as the Recovery Fund agreement.

At the same time, there is diplomatic mobility at an international level, due to the escalating tension following Turkey’s issuing of NAVTEX on seismic research in parts of the Greek continental shelf.

Greece and Cyprus responded with a joint NAVTEX declaring the Turkish announcement invalid as it concerns areas of the Greek and Cypriot continental shelf, while the Greek embassy in Ankara took action against the Turkish Foreign Ministry.

The prime minister had several telephone conversations with Angela Merkel, Nikos Anastasiadis and Vladimir Putin.

Ankara insists on the tactics of provocations as, according to the Turkish Foreign Ministry, the research vessel Oruts Reyes will carry out research for the discovery and extraction of hydrocarbons “inside the Turkish continental shelf” near Kastelorizo.