The European Commission presented the roadmap for the gradual recovery of European tourism, as well as a common approach to the gradual lifting of restrictions on borders imposed by member states due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Commission’s recommendations, while non-binding, also include targeted measures to support businesses in the tourism industry, ensuring that Europe continues to be the number one destination for visitors.

In particular, the Commission presented a unified strategy for restarting the tourism industry with a view to a gradual recovery from 2020 onwards.

This strategy provides, among other things, a common approach to restoring free movement and removing restrictions on the EU’s internal borders. in a gradual and coordinated manner, a framework for the gradual restoration of transport and the development of health protocols for hospitality facilities, such as hotels.

The Greek plan to support tourism is expected early next week and will be coherent and comprehensive, government spokesman Stelios Petsas told ERT.

According to press reports, the plan will be based on four axes, namely the opening of air transport, labor and financial support and health protocols.