The Greek army was requested to assist in clearing and repairing roads and cutting down trees to facilitate power station repairs, at a meeting of government, army and fire brigade officials at the Civil Protection Secretariat operations center held earlier on Tuesday.

The army’s contribution will help technical crews of the Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator reach power stations in areas afflicted by snowstorms, which have affected power supply in the Attica Region and other parts of the country.

Teams from the Army and the Fire Brigade’s Special Disaster Management Unit (EMAK) Elefsina, Patras, Lamia and Larissa have been deployed in 29 neighborhoods across Attica Region, where power cuts continue because roads are impassable due to snow, according to an announcement released late Tuesday evening.

Due to the unprecedented volume of snow, 237 tree falls were registered in Attica on Tuesday, which disrupted power distribution in the region and caused 718 low- and medium-voltage malfunctions.