Greek films have  strengthened their position internationally over the past year.

Despite the difficulties and obstacles caused by the unprecedented and ongoing health crisis, 2020 was  a good year for the Greek film of all categories (feature and short fiction, but also documentaries) beyond our national borders as it  had participations and distinctions in Festival, but also support of Greek cinema in the context of international co-productions.

Christos Nikos’ “Apples” brought a European co-production, with its dominant Greek identity, among the much-discussed non-English speakers seeking to be nominated for the Oscar for International Film, next April. The success of the film – which as it is known is the proposal of Greece for this Oscar – is measured by counting all 18 participations in foreign festivals, with the top one being Venice.

In total, last year, 19 Greek feature productions, of the period 2019 and 2020, participated in Festivals abroad.

Also, the presence of the Greek short film is becoming more and more noticeable in recent years in major international festivals.

At the Clermont Ferrand Film Festival, which is the most important for short films internationally, the film “All Fires are Fire” by Efthymis Kosemund Sanidis was awarded the Grand Special Commission Award. In total, last year, 14 short films, of the period 2019 and 2020, participated in festivals abroad.

Finally, seven Greek documentaries – co-produced    or financially  supported by the Greek Cinema Center participated last year in festivals abroad and international festivals in Greece .