Greece’s consumer confidence index rose to 67 points in the second quarter of 2018, up six points compared with the previous quarter, Nielsen said in its Consumer Confidence survey released on Friday.

The survey noted that the Greek consumer confidence index still remained below the European average of 87 points. The survey showed that a 77 pct of Greek consumers believed that the country was in economic recession while a 76 pct of respondents doubted whether Greece will manage to leave the economic crisis in the next 12 months.

Greece still remained at the top position ?among European countries- in labour insecurity, a 30 pct were still concern about their jobs, followed by a 29 pct (economic concern) household debt (27 pct).

In the second quarter of 2018, one in 10 Greeks were concerned about crime, while a 70 pct of Greeks still tried to cut down on their households expenses.