A wide variety of digital resources is accessible via SearchCulture.gr, a portal created by the National Documentation Center (NDC) and it is constantly enriched with new collections and functionalities. So far, the portal has amassed more than 430,000 items from 67 collections contributed by 53 institutions which include museums, archives, ephorates of antiquities, municipalities and cultural foundations.

The portal’s objective is to ensure the sustainability and reusability of content produced by publicly funded digitization projects, its safe preservation and the free, open distribution of this heritage to its citizens, researchers and the educational community.

Through SearchCulture.gr, the NDC brings together national cultural content, secures continued access to it and is a key provider to the Europeana Digital Library, thereby contributing even more to increasing the openness, reuse and international visibility of Greek digital content

In addition, the entities that have their content on the SearchCulture.gr portal, have the opportunity to ensure its long-term preservation by utilizing NDC’s Digital Content Safeguard service.