A Greek initiative to boost the return of migrants from Europe to their countries of origin was tabled Monday, by Deputy Minister of Citizen Protection George Koumoutsakos at the Justice and Home Affairs Council in Brussels.

The Greek proposal includes six provisions:

  1. Strengthening of the European Border and Coast Guard’s role and the creation of flexible and efficient procedures to reduce administrative costs through the coordination of returns.
  2. Utilizing immigration liaison officers in countries of migrant origins to assist in returns without obstacles and to assist in local processes.
  3. Providing incentives to third countries, leading to collaboration in reducing migration flows.
  4. Mutual recognition of return policies, so that decisions can be implemented directly by any European country, regardless of the Member State in which the decision was taken.
  5. Strengthen reintegration policies for citizens returning to their countries of origin.
  6. Solidarity between EU Member States in managing migration through a fair redistribution of burden.