“Today, us Greeks, we are fighting yet another historic battle. But we are not alone. I’m certain that we will win. And that next year, we shall celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Revolution in 1821 in splendor”, said Ekaterini Sakellaropoulou, President of the Hellenic Republic, in her televised address to the Greek people.

“This year’s anniversary finds our country facing an unprecedented threat that has dramatically changed our daily lives: the coronavirus pandemic”, she said. And although this year there will be no parades, she noted that “we see marching by us – and making us proud – the heroes in the increasingly difficult reality the country is experiencing: the armed forces that protect our borders from Turkish aggression, the security forces that remain vigilant, doctors and nurses, public administrators, workers who meet our daily needs, and the anonymous volunteers who do not expect reward or recognition.”

Finally, Mrs Sakellaropoulou said that “the pandemic we live in goes far beyond national boundaries and brings about great changes to countries and societies. Once again is proven that the challenges that threaten us all can only be faced on an international, social, political, economic and scientific level. We are given the opportunity to rethink our homeland, our relationship with the collective, our responsibilities and capabilities as equal members of the global community”.