The Athens Festival’s performances at Piraeus 260 start off with four performances with a Greek footprint, starting with Christos Theodoridis and the Orchestra of Little Things, presenting one of the most successful performances of last year’s program. “The Paris Massacre”, embraced by audiences and critics, will be presented for four nights from June 1-4. On June 5, in the garden of 260 Piraeus, it’s up to popular comedians Lambros Fisfis and Giorgos Hatzipavlos, who are presenting a tribute to new comedy, with stand-up comedy and improvisation meeting on stage to create an interactive satirical “Summer Comedy Party”. From June 6-8, the Titans, the new show by Euripides Laskaridis and the OSMOSIS team, take the lead. Following up the internationally successful Relic, which was presented at the Athens Festival in 2015, “The Titans” pay tribute to every failed effort, to any individual or collective failure to establish an unbreakable self or a flawless world. On June 12-14, at the Olympia Theater, Simos Kakalas explores his beloved genre, variety, presenting the self-deprecating, self-referential “Greek Freak / All star game”. At the lead is a chorus of noted artists, condemned by the Pan-Hellenic Internet Critics Association to always be on stage, required to constantly produce solid artistic products, in order to entertain and captivate audiences and critics.

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