The current economic system is being put to the test and a key question arises: are we actually happy with it? In a 24 hour performance comprised of music, theatre and dance, animated and documentary films, Klangforum Wien raises the question: How do we want to live?

On November 1st, the Onassis Cultural Center (Stegi) will host the interdisciplinary project “Happiness Machine. 24 Hours of Bliss with the Klangforum Wien”, which revolves around the alternative and sustainable economic model created by Christian Felber (“The Economy for the Common Good”), which aims at social cohesion.

Through animated films, concerts, performances and discussions, the Klangforum Wien invites the audience to enjoy the art of music, sparking conversations between musicians, performers, speakers and guests on the future of the Western World.

Ten female film-makers and ten female composers from Europe join forces to create ten short films about the possibility of a new economic model. The power of the existing economic model that produces social exclusion and the need for a new economy based on solidarity, partnership and mutual trust are the films’ main topics.

Klangforum Wien is a 24-member ensemble for contemporary music which was founded in 1985 by Beat Furrer. It has a worldwide concert activity with over 80 performances per season in Europe, the U.S. and Japan.