The Hellas Film Box Berlin Film Festival returns for the 5th consecutive year, from January 15-19 at Babylon Cinema, in Berlin, showcasing dozens of feature films and documentaries.

The festival was born five years ago, at a time when the German media was portraying a negative image of Greece, to show Berliners the contemporary Greek film production.

This year, the festival opens with “Winona” by The Boy – Alexandros Voulgaris who will attend the festival, while the closing film, the documentary “When Tomatoes met Wagner”, is Greece’s official foreign language film nomination for the Oscars.

The official ‘Emerging Greeks Competition’ section includes first or second feature films by feature directors. The program’s aim is to introduce Greek emerging directors to the German public, the press and the professional jury, and present Greece’s new cinematic production.

The featured films are: “Holy Boom” by Maria Lafi, “Meltem” by Vasilis Doganis (which premieres in Germany), “Persephone” by Costas Athousakis (an international premiere), “Scopophilia” by Natalia Lambropoulou & Electra Aggeletopoulou, “The Waiter” by Steve Krikris and “Ζizotek” by Vardis Marinakis (German premiere).

On Friday 14 January, there will be a screening of a short film by Yorgos Lanthimos, titled “Nimic”, starring Matt Dillon and Daphne Patakia, followed by “The Waiter”.