A documentary featuring the beauty and hidden treasures of the Greek island of Naxos is presented at the 5th Landscape Archaeology Conference in Newcastle in North East England.

The documentary titled “Hidden Landscapes of Naxos” is a production of the New Media General Directorate of Greek Public Broadcaster (ERT) in collaboration with the McCord Centre for Landscape of Newcastle University.

The conference takes place on September 17 through to 20 and is a biennial series, coordinated by the International Association of Landscape Archaeology (IALA).

The documentary explores some of Naxos’ hidden landscapes through archives, monuments and narratives of people living and working there and is the result of years of research in the region.

The documentary was directed by Vasia Hatziyiannaki and presented by Stelios Lekakis, professor at the University of Newcastle, who also conducted the research and wrote the script. The filming crew included cameraman Giorgos Kelidis, sound engineer Sotiris Tambanas and music curator Tzoulietta Karori.

The conference, which invites scientists from around the world, aims to examine the physical and intangible aspects of urban, rural and marine landscapes and includes research on theory, method and interpretation.

SOURCE: Ert.gr