Infrastructure and Transport Minister Christos Spirtzis briefed the mission chiefs of the institutions on the concession of Egnatia Odos on Friday, also revealing in the process - unrelated to Greece's obligations to creditors - a new highway code and fining system.

Spirtzis said that electronic toll collection will begin in early 2019 nationally, with drivers being charged on the basis of usage. The call for bids is expected to be announced by the end of December.

The heads of missions were also briefed about two new databanks that will be set up, one for vehicles and another for drivers. Both will be linked, while data for them will come from the ministries of Public Order and Transport and the Independent Authority for Public Revenues, allowing cross-checking.

The minister said that the new highway code will abolish the 50 pct discount given for traffic fines paid within ten days from ticketing, and fines will escalate according to a person's income. Traffic violations will also be classified according to their degree of dangerousness and antisocial nature. Professional drivers, for example, will be levied a fine for offensive hand gestures such as the open palm with extended fingers frequently bestowed on other drivers.