The International Conference on the Impacts of Climate Change on Culture Heritage, is Greece’s tangible contribution to creating an international framework that addresses the challenges and risks that global cultural and natural heritage face from climate change.

Entitled “Impacts of Climate Change on Cultural Heritage: Facing the Challenge”, this international conference will take place in Athens, in Zappeion, on June 21 and 22. It is organized on the initiative of the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and responsible for environmental diplomacy Markos Bolaris.

For two days, prominent scientist will exchange views and present scientific evidence and proposals on a number of different themes, namely the recording of climate change impact on cultural heritage, the monitoring of such impact via tools and mechanisms as well as the definition of key policies, measures and best practices for the protection of cultural heritage against the negative effects of climate change.

The conference’s main aim is to raise the international community’s awareness. Therefore, the conference’s scientific conclusions will be used accordingly in order to encourage the adoption, in cooperation with the United Nations Secretariat, of the relevant declaration, and give the opportunity to our country to contribute to the climate change actions that will be announced within the framework of the UN Summit on Climate Change, in  September 2019, in New York.