The General Secretariat for Family Policy and Gender Equality counseling centers have received 18,583 cases from April 2012 to November 21, 2019. Of these, 16,603 are cases of gender violence, while 1,980 concern cases of multiple discrimination, according to the Secretary General for Family Policy and Gender Equality, Maria Syrengela.

“It is clear that the overwhelming majority of the cases and victims served by the structures and counseling centers, are cases of gender-based violence,” Ms. Syrengela said. Of the female victims of violence who answered the question regarding their working status, 30% of them said they were employed, while 8% were self-employed. 20% are unemployed, of which, 62 or 11%, are long-term unemployed.

Regarding their marital status, 53% said they were married, while 11% said they were unmarried. The most affected age range is between 40 and 54 years old (26%), followed by the age range 25 to 39 (24%). From the total number of women contacting the counseling centers, it appears that 2.208 (77%) are Greek, 262 (9%) are immigrants and 18 (1%) are handicapped.

Gender violence is a daily phenomenon everywhere in the world and includes any harmful act against the dignity and bodily integrity of those who suffer from it. It is at the heart of gender inequality that leads to the discrimination against women.

“There is no magic wand for immediate and quick solutions. Violence against women is a multifaceted phenomenon that requires proper organization, cooperation of all organizations involved and an effective and wide public outreach”, said Maria Syrengela.