In the context of the 2017 European Cultural Heritage Days, the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation pays tribute to the concept of the city, organizing, among others, a 2-day international forum on the bonds between ancient drama and urban studies. On September 23-24, academics, researchers, and artists from Greece and the rest of the world will be presenting their thoughts on how space and culture intersect at the city and the commons it constitutes: collectivities, autonomy, public space, theater in antiquity and post-modernity, as well as city branding and the commercialization of the past are among the threads being explored.

The Forum is open to scholars of the field, as well as to all who are interested in the subject.

The “Contested Cities” program, part of which is this forum, features initiatives unfolding until the end of September, including art exhibitions, theatrical performances, and seminars. These are designed by the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation in collaboration with international scholars, artists, and collectivities, looking to highlight the cultural significance of displacement and gentrification in current urban research.

Ancient Greek Drama & Urban Studies Forum
Where: Michael Cacoyannis Foundation
When: September 23-24

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