An international conference that links for the first time, three ancient cities with a common mythological past, Troy, Tenea and Rome, takes place today, Thursday December 5th, in Corinth.

Dr. Elena Korka, Director of the ongoing excavation project of Ancient Tenea, the city that came to light in 2018 near Chiliomodi in Corinth, which according to the legend, was built by captive Trojans, said regarding the conference: ” Such a meeting has not taken place before but now we have ancient Tenea which is the focus of two worlds: the East and the West. It is also the first time that distinguished scientists from Greece, England, USA, Italy, Turkey, Russia and Cyprus, come to our country and especially Corinth, which is the metropolis next to Tenea”.

“The new data reveals new information and I think it will rekindle a great deal of interest for the fall of Troy, what followed and what was its significance, because the myth is the context, but Tenea exists, Rome was founded and everyone has a common mythological past that was not lost after the Trojan War. This memory was preserved and when the Romans came to Corinth in 146 BC, which they destroyed, they embraced the Teneans like their brothers. And of course we can see that in the archaeological remains”.

The Troy-Tenea-Rome International Conference, is organized on the occasion of the Troy Year 2018 wich was extended to 2019, will take place at Corinth’s Municipal Theater ”Thomas Thomaidis” and is being held under the auspices of the Peloponnese Greek Region, UNESCO’s Greek Commission and Greek ICOMOS.