The Athens and Epidaurus Festival loves international theater productions, and offers its audience one more opportunity to catch up on the goings on in the contemporary European theater scene.

Performances at 260 Peiraios kick off with one of England’s most important theater groups, as Forced Entertainment presents All of Shakespeare at a table, from June 1 – 9, with four works every day (one per hour). The upcoming Polish director Martha Gournitsa, known for her research on the ancient tragedy chorus, follows up with her Hymn to love. A special theater-documentary performance from Iran then takes the stage, as Afshaneh Mahean and the Shieveh Theater Company present the stunning story of Tehran’s Yellow Dogs rock band. Their From basement to roof is presented on June 8 and 9. On June 15 and 16, an additional theater-documentary performance by Swiss director Milo Rau brings together actors from Greece, Syria and Romania (Ramo Ali, Akillas Karazisis, Rami Khalaf, Maya Morgenstern) portraying their experiences as immigrants, in The Empire. Julien Gosselin presents the work that established him on the European theater stage: his Elementary particles are presented on June 29-30. From June 30-July 2, Greek audience favorite Romeo Castelluci presents his new production. In Democracy in America, Castelluci is inspired by Alexis de Toqueville’s work. Robert Wilson directs Mikhail Baryshnikov again, in a separate theatrical solo, based on the calendars of legendary dancer Vassal Nyszynski. Letter to a Man will be presented at the Onassis Cultural Center, on July 10-13. Concluding, on August 4-5, Olivier Py, artistic director of the Avignon Festival, presents at Ancient Epidaurus a performance that stood out at the French festival, combining two political works by Aeschylus, Prometheus Bound and The Suppliants.

The Athens Festival also hosts a great tribute to the Volksbuhne, the legendary Berlin troupe. On June 17-24, the audience can catch Dostoevsky’s Player, directed by Frank Casfort, the Rene Polly performance I love you, but I chose de-dramatization, and Murmur, based on the novel by Dieter Roth and directed by Herbert Frits. In this hilarious performance, the fourteen actors play simply by murmuring a single word: Murmel Murmel.

More information can be found on the Athens and Epidaurus Festival website.