Iraklia belongs to the small Cyclades complex situated at six hours from Piraeus. It is an ideal destination, away from the capital’s intense rhythm. Iraklia has beautiful beaches with turquoise waters and is part of the Natura 2000 Network, a wildlife sanctuary, has eight hiking trails as well as the seventh largest grotto in Greece.

The island is divided in two settlements; Agios Georgios, which is the island’s port and Chora, otherwise known as “Panagia”. The island’s most impressive sight is St. John’s Cave. Opposite the grotto’s entrance lies a large cave, which is said to be the residence of the giant Polyphymos.

Iraklia is also famous for its walking tours. Wild landscapes, breathtaking rocks and stunning views of the other small Cyclades are some of the island’s must-see spots.

Iraklia has a number of beaches that will impress the most demanding traveler. The port of Agios Georgios and Livadi are  two of the nearest beaches. However, two of the most beautiful beaches can only be reached by by boat; Karvounolakkos and Alimia that are known for their majestic beauty and crystal clear waters, making them an ideal destination for a one-day excursion.

While on the island, do not forget to taste the local dishes and attend the island’s traditional festivals.