A show about the history of jazz and the innovation, creativity and multiculturalism in music, dance and painting, is coming to Gloria Theater every Sunday at 11:30 am, starting December 9.

The show titled “Jazz for kids”, aims at sensitizing and entertaining through music, dance, video art and costumes inspired by Kandinsky and the Bauhaus movement. It takes its young audience on a journey in the history of jazz while promoting creativity, innovation, solidarity and diversity.

“Once upon a time in Africa, there was a young child. His name was Song and he was friends with the beautiful fairies called Notes. For centuries, the drums and sounds tamed people and wild beasts while a magician named “Rhythm” was in charge.”

On stage, a piano, a double bass, a saxophone and percussions, four renowned musicians led by conductor Alexandros Christidis, a four-member dance ensemble choreographed by Anouka Oikonomou and four actors, directed by Panagiotis Spiliopoulos.

Text: Dimitris Lentzos

Musical Direction: Alexandros Christidis

Direction: Panagiotis Spiliopoulos

Choreographer: Anoushka Economou

Actors / Singers: Evdokia Rapti, Eleni Nzanga, Maro Liapi, Angeliki Pardallidou Dancers: Efi Strati, Jacqueline Palamaris, Anna Kliafa, Ara Bogozian

Musicians: Alexandros Christidis (percussions), Lefteris Kritikos (saxophone), Nikos Drogosis (piano), Markos Agrafiotis (contrabass).


Where: Gloria Theater (7 Ippokratous Street, tel: 210 3600832)

When: Every Sunday at 11.30 am starting December 9

Information / reservations 210 3647200, 210 3645481 and 22990 42100

Tickets pre-sale at: https://www.politistikoparko.com/product/familytick/

Communication Sponsor: ERT