Cultural Park presents the new theatrical musical show for children titled Jazz for kids: the story of a rhythm at the Alkioni Theater every Sunday from 11 February 2018 at 11.30 am.

Jazz for kids: The history of a rhythm, is a unique show specially conceived for children. Directed by Panagiotis Spiliopoulos, the show features four distinguished musicians and conductor Alexandros Christidis, accompanied by a four-part ballet and four actors.

The show aims at sensitizing and entertaining children through a fairytale that comes alive on stage with jazz musicians, dancers, video art and a set design inspired by Kandinsky’s work.

Melody and rhythm become the occasion for children to come into contact with multiculturalism and the global language of emotions. Through storytelling, children understand that music and painting are universal languages ​​and that culture has no country and color.

Where: Alkioni Theater (42-46 Ioulianou st, Pedion Areos)

When: Sundays at 11.30am

Information – Reservations: 210 3647200

Text: Dimitris Lenzos

Directed by: Panagiotis Spiliopoulos

Production Organization: Nikos Giannakakis

Actors / Dancers: Eleni Nzanga, Tina Sklavounou, Nina Toumazatou, Ioanna Flemotou, Jacqueline Palamari, Anna Kliafa

Musicians / Percussion instruments: Alexandros Christidis

Saxophone: Lefteris Kritikos

Piano: Nikos Drogosis

Contrabass: Markos Agrafiotis

Organization / Production: Cultural Park

Communication Sponsor ERT SA.