During his pre-electoral campaign speech in Samos, Kyriakos Mitsotakis asserted that the new ND government will support the islands facing the consequences brought by the refugee crisis.

Speaking at a rally in Samos Town Hall, Mr. Mitsotakis asserted that ND’s immediate priority is the decongestion of the Eastern Aegean islands.”

As he pointed out, this decongestion “must be done in the right geographical direction, towards Turkey and not mainland Greece”. “To do so”, he added, “it is imperative to change the asylum procedures that today are extremely time-consuming. These procedures must be completed very quickly, and those who are not granted asylum must return to Turkey under the EU-Turkey agreement”. The same sources report that the ND leader criticized the government for the situation at the Samos Reception Center, saying that “this image certainly does not do justice to the island, nor the European heritage of humanity and solidarity.