Prime Minister sent a message from Thessaloniki, of support for the Western Balkans’ European future, stating that he was ready to take initiatives so that Greece would continue to play an active role in securing this path.

Regarding the Prespes Agreement, both at the conference organized by SEV and at the meeting he had with North Macedonia Prime Minister, Zoran Zaev, Mr. Mitsotakis stressed that its implementation is a prerequisite for the European course of the neighbors. There is no alternative to full membership in the EU and NATO, Mr. Zaev said for his part and invited Mr. Mitsotakis to visit Skopje.

On issues of critical national importance, I will not make an opposition like the one the current Prime Minister did when he spoke about the damaging Prespes Agreement, said SYRIZA president, Alexis Tsipras, from the municipality of Servion in Kozani.