As part of the documenta 14, the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation has introduced in its programming “Keimena (Texts)”, a series of movie screenings which was launched prior to the significant art exhibition, and which concludes this coming Monday, September 25.

The series’ goal is to expand documenta 14’s reach into viewers’ lives, as well as to form a distinct audience. All movies scheduled will also be available through for a period of seven days following their initial broadcast. In addition, information on the program, short introductory texts in Greek, German and English, as well as opening scenes of the movies will be available through the documenta 14 website.

The “Texts” series focuses on the areas of experimental documentaries and fiction, featuring films whose approach and topics touch upon the social, the political, and the poetic. At the same time, their theoretical foundation and locus has them interact with the wider curation philosophy guiding documenta 14.

On Monday, at midnight, TEXTS presents Tyler Hubby’s 2016 documentary “Tony Conrad: Completely in the present”. The film looks at avant-garde artist Tony Conrad who was a symbol of the underground from the 60s until his death in 2016. A musician and filmmaker, Conrad was set the foundations for minimalist music. Filmmaker Andrew Lambert introduces the film, which he calls a charming portrait of a non-conformist.