In a new televised address, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced a ban on unnecessary movement, starting on Monday morning 23/3 at 6am.

“It is perhaps the last step an organized democratic state can take. But that must be done in time, so as not to be in vain. Time is no longer measured in days, but in hours and bold and rapid initiatives are needed”, he said, adding that “according to the Constitution, the State is obligated to protect the citizens’ health and intervene when the exercise of individual liberty goes beyond its constitutional purpose and threatens society”.

The Prime Minister emphasized that anyone who circulates outside must have with them their police ID or passport and must be able to justify their purpose for leaving their home. Violators will be fined € 150 for each breach. Finally, the Prime Minister stated that he has informed the President of the Republic and the political leaders.