In a joint letter to the EU Commission, nine European leaders, including Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, are proposing the issuance of a Eurobond in order to mitigate the negative effects on the economy from the Covid-19 pandemic and to preserve jobs. The nine leaders also call for the strengthening of all health care systems and to ensure trade and production of basic medical equipment.

In their letter, the President of France and the Prime Ministers of Greece, Belgium, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Luxembourg, Portugal and Slovenia, call on the European Union to explore the necessary tools in order to allocate significant funds for the tackling of the health crisis.

“We need to agree on a common bond, which could be called ‘Coronabond’, and which will be issued by a European institution in order to raise money in the market for the benefit of all Member States and to deal with the damage caused by the coronavirus”, argue the nine leaders in their joint letter.