New Democracy leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis, in his in his first television interview with ANT1, stated that he will seek to form a one-party government as well as wide convergences with other parties.

The ND Leader pointed out that there is a plan to change the electoral law so that Greeks abroad can also vote on national and regional elections and said he would target convergences with parties for crucial bills (legislations). He reiterated his goal to re-establish the state and also focused on e-government.

It is my duty to unite the people and there is no chance of revanchism, said Mr. Mitsotakis. He also assured that there will be no ” civil servant layoffs”, or shut down ERT and talked about the need for a new social contract between employees and businesses. “The only new information that came out of the interview was that he intends to hide until the elections, but the citizens have memory and judgment”, SYRIZA commented.