The Angelos Sikelianos Museum, housed in the poet’s home, in the historical center of the Lefkada island, has been receiving its first guests.

Visitors have the opportunity to admire more than a hundred exhibits, gathered from other Museums and collections, and tracing the personal life of this acclaimed poet whose international appeal is seen in his 9 nominations for the Nobel prize in Literature.

The poet’s Lefkada house, then in ruins, was bought in 2009 by the National Bank of Greece, which was in charge of the whole project. Last Tuesday, following rebuilding and restoration, the bank handed over the museum to the city of Lefkada.

At the Museum’s entrance, visitors are welcomed by a large portrait of the poet. The first floor houses the “Contributing factors” to his work: the people in his family, the local, national and international stage that influenced his course; his work itself is explored in five sections: the lyric poet, the initiated prophet/ visionary, the national poet, and the active poet.