In 2017, three young people joined forces in order to showcase the gastronomy and tradition of their place. The “Lemnos Philema” festival, organized by Anthia Kotsi (Apothiki),  Alexandros Alexandrou (Taste Lemnos) and Eleftheria Konstantara (Lemnos Wine Trails), was a big success with over 600 visitors and 20 participating local producers.

This year, ​21 producers including five Lemnos wineries organize a three-day Gastronomy and Wine festival on July 27, 28 and 29 in the Warehouse space at the port of Myrina in Lemnos. The festival aims to offer its visitors the unique opportunity to experience the island’s products.

The festival participants will present their products in the “Warehouse” Hall, while two distinguished Greek chefs, Alexandros Papandreou and Andreas Lagos will cook with ingredients provided by the island’s producers. Several events will also take place in other locations on the island, focusing on gastronomy and wine and which will be free for the public.

Lemnos is known for the wines it produces since antiquity. In his epic poem, the Iliad, Homer refers to the wine that the Achaeans used to get from the island. The island’s most famous grape is the “Moschato of Alexandria”, a white variety used for the production of dry and sweet wines and the “Limnio” or “Kalambaki” (its local name), which was referred to as “limnia vine” in antiquity. It is a red variety cultivated to a relatively small extent compared to Moschato which covers about 90% of the production.