Leo Tolstoy’s “Master and Man”, a novel written during a financially challenging time for Russia more than 120 years ago, comes to the stage once more, and it is as relevant as ever.

Giorgos Nanouris adapts the work and directs Dimitris Lignadis and himself in the play that has found great commercial and critical acclaim, and which talks about a wealthy merchant who defies extreme weather conditions, and looking solely for profit, decides to go out in to the night with his servant in toe, to make sure he will be the one to purchase a property at a bargain price. While on the road, a strong snowstorm sees them both stranded in the frozen Russian province. The master tries to save himself by leaving the servant alone and helpless. But soon he finds himself in that same position, and then the real adventure starts.

Where: New Katerina Vassilakos Theater
When: October 5 onwards, Thursday, Friday, Saturday 9pm; Sunday 8pm

Admission: €12-15