In an effort to attract a younger and more diverse audience and following the buzz created by Beyoncé and Jay-Z and their videoclip, the Louvre introduces a new thematic tour featuring the works that appear in it.

The famous couple dropped their joint album, Everything Is Love, about a month ago, introducing themselves as “The Carters”. They also stunned the world with the release of the album’s first videoclip, which has already been viewed 63 million times.

In “Apeshit” (the videoclip’s title), the Louvre becomes the background for the six-minute clip that features the duo surrounded by dancers amidst some of the museum’s most beautiful paintings and sculptures: the Winged Victory of SamothraceThe Raft of the MedusaThe Intervention of the Sabine Women, and Venus de Milo. The 90 minute tour will bring visitors to these pieces.

Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, the video’s choreographer, told Pitchfork, “I think the dancers are just so beautiful, and there’s something very sculptural about them. When they are inside of that space — just right on the stairs or suddenly moving in the group — you have the feeling that they could be those ancient mythological goddesses of the hunt or of wisdom. My projection of that was that they were embodiments of goddesses.”

The french museum has refused to reveal the amount the duo paid in order to film their videoclip there. However, it is not the first time as back in 2013, the Louvre had given permission to former Black Eyed Peas singer to film his videoclip titled “Monna Lisa Smile”. A “ at the Louvre” tour is also available, as well as 43 other tours with themes as varied as “Alexander The Great” or “The art of being at the table”.

SOURCES: LeFigaro, EntertainmentWeekly