France must exit Europe and the Eurozone, along with the other countries in the European south – Portugal, Italy, Spain, Greece, Cyprus – and Ireland, French far-right leader Marine Le Pen said in an interview due to be published in the Sunday edition of the Greek newspaper “Dimokratia”.

“Frexit is a part of my policy,” the head of France’s National Front party said, adding that “ideally all these countries should leave on the same day as France and I will try to push in that direction.”

People should have the opportunity to vote for their freedom from the slavery and blackmail imposed by the Brussels technocrats and to return to national sovereignty within their countries, Le Pen said. “The British understood this and voted to leave the European Union while, of course, they never replaced the pound with the euro,” the French presidential candidate said.

“Wherever the euro went, there was an increase in prices, taxes and unemployment, a reduction of wages and pensions and citizens became poorer. In Britain, when the economic crisis started, they proceeded to devalue the pound and economic growth soon resumed,” she pointed out.

Le Pen said her goals for the EU to become a “loose confederation of states with respect for national sovereignty” and she called for the outright abolition of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). “Wherever the IMF went, it asked for cuts in wages and pensions, higher taxes, privatisation of public utilities and caused an impoverishment of populations. The IMF prevents all growth,” she said.

If elected president of France, Le Pen said that she would pull the country out of NATO since “it is not needed any more.” She noted that NATO was founded to safeguard against the danger of the Warsaw Pact and the expansionism of the Communist Soviet Union, neither of which existed any more. “Washington keeps NATO in existence to serve its goals in Europe,” she added.

On Turkey, Le Pen said she did not agree with Turkey becoming a full member of the EU and that she supported a “special, privileged relationship with Turkey.” She expressed opposition to policies that “promote and encourage the entrance of migrants into Europe, which cannot accept them.”

“This tsunami of migrants must be contained. Europe is not able to give them work and opportunities to get rich. The migrants and illegal the minute they set foot on European soil because they have broken the law. They should be sent back to their countries,” she said.

Questioned about her party’s relations with the Greek extreme-right party Golden Dawn, Le Pen said that “we neither have any nor want them.”