A conference showcasing the latest trends where Artificial Intelligence is merged with Collective Intelligence, and together creating a technology that is considered the supermind of the future, will take place in Toulouse on October 9, 2019.

The Minds & Tech conference organized in collaboration with the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence, will bring together a community of international experts to discuss and question the impact of integrating human knowledge with cutting-edge technology. 

Amongst the conference’s speakers are international leaders committed to technological and collective transformation such as: Thomas W. Malone, Founding Director at the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence (MIT CCI), Kathleen Kennedy, Executive Director at MIT CCI and Denis Rothman, Artificial Intelligence Author, Instructor and Speaker.

The Minds & Tech program focuses on five main areas: Collective Intelligence & Global Challenges whereby experts will explore the idea of how adopting the perspective of collective intelligence, can help us think imaginatively about our future and redesign our systems in order to tackle the most complex challenges humanity is facing in our century.

The AI Solutions section will focus on the range of possibilities that will eventually enable us to achieve the sustainable development goals.

The Governance Solutions section will focus on how AI and CI should be incorporated within public institutions and policy-making for a responsible use of new technologies.

What is the future of industry and what solutions can it offer? This section will examine what work environments will look like in the near future and how will the industry respond to the markets’ new demands.

Finally, in the Start-up Competition section, five selected start-ups will pitch their project in front of an audience and a panel of experts. The Minds & Tech event will also host the Challenging Minds competition, that aims to recognize innovative start-ups using artificial and/or collective intelligence to solve problems or bring value to society. Before the conference concludes, the audience will vote for the Brightest AI/CI Mind award winner.