A monitor, apart from sending «signals» to the outside world, operates as a «gateway» to the interior. But is not it the same with paper? Is not paper an interactive display surface? Canvas is an open «door», which invites you to either cross the threshold or just look through from whatever distance you choose.


The artist, Nikolas Perdikaris, invites us to an exhibition of digital art works by the title of «Monitor» at Fotagogos gallery in the centre of Athens. The exhibition will be open until March 27th.


The artist says: «the works (with one exception) were created on the touch screen using finger and nail. Most were painted during sleepless nights, with the technology laying by my pillow. It has been exceptionally difficult to give the sense of texture to my works. However, thanks to the screen illumination I had all the light I needed. When the animals and the people are born on the screen, they wisely keep their silence, not knowing what lies ahead. I stand by them, pricking up my ears for the surprise and inviting you to share it with me».

Location: Το Ρodakio /Fotagogos, 59B Kolokotroni Str. and Limpona (Kourtaki Arcade), Athens
Duration: 06/03/2017-27/03/2017
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 10.00 – 20.00, Saturday, Sunday 12.00 – 18.00
Tel: +30 210 3839355, 210 3221700
Email: [email protected]