35 rooftops in Athens’ Exarchia will be filled with music on Friday, June 1, in a celebration that will take place during sunset and moonrise. It is a unique event organized by the collective “The birds” that aims to turn the rooftops into a collective space.

The participating musicians will listen to each other in order to create a musical dialogue from which an urban soundtrack will emerge. At the end of the event, dozens of flying lanterns will illuminate the sky creating a unique spectacle, followed by a celebration at the “VOX” Cinema rooftop.

The Birds project was born in the Spring of 2016 on a rooftop of the Exarcheia neighborhood when the organizers watched the birds flying towards the sunset. The event is based on an idea conceived by Paris Legakis. Daphne Sofianopoulou, Eleni Mastroggeoropoulou and Pandora Giamalidou are the event’s artistic directors.

“Our aim is to create a unique event/celebration together with the residents and the people who love the neighborhood. The event is based on a synchronized movement toward the rooftops, from where we will listen to the city, we will reflect our position within it and we will express ourselves”.

For those who are interested in attending the event but do not live in the neighborhood, there will be a viewing spot on Strefi Hill, from which they can hear and see the musicians via two telescopes that will be installed there. Those who live in the area and want to join and buy lanterns they can contact the organizers at: 697 415 1193 or email them at: [email protected]

The project was supported by the European Culture Foudation in the context of the Moving Communities program and by local shops.

When: From 20:11 to 21:11.