Mykonos’ new airport will combine modern architecture with the traditional Cyclades style, whose designs were presented at an event on “the island of the winds”, as it is known.

According to Fraport Greece who presented the airport’s new and revised plans, inspired by the dovecotes, part of Aegean’s folk architecture. The concept blends the island’s traditional heritage with its contemporary side.

The new airport, expected to be completed by 2021 and with an investment of 25 million euros, will be serving up to two million passengers annually by 2026, while at present 1.3 million passengers are traveling to Mykonos Airport.

The airport’s interior will be completely remodeled and renovated. The new airport will feature new commercial spaces (700 sq.m). A number of restaurants will operate in an area of 1,000 sq.m. The existing sanitary facilities while also be renovated and the entire traffic area at the terminal’s entrance will be redesigned, since at present, the access and departure from the airport is problematic.