Main opposition New Democracy (ND) leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis visited the HIV Checkpoint prevention and testing centre and was briefed by the administration and volunteers of "Positive Voice" about the process of taking a free and painless 60-second test for HIV and hepatitis B and C by drawing a drop of blood from a finger.

The center's staff also presented the medical examination facilities and a mobile prevention and examination unit for residents beyond large urban centers who don't have direct access to screening services. The members of the organisation spoke about the problems that seropositive people are currently facing regarding their medical coverage, and about their social exclusion.

Mitsotakis congratulated them and praised the work of this important structure which he said has contributed so much to the timely diagnosis of HIV and helped thousands of people.

"I am here to send out an emphatic message that the disease caused by the HIV virus is not only curable, but under the right treatment it is not spreadable. That's why timely, free and anonymous diagnosis is so important. That's why the work that is done here at Checkpoint is of great importance," ND leader said.

"This can only be done through the proper dissemination of information. I am absolutely sure that a well-informed society gives everyone equal opportunities. It is a society that does not discriminate," he said stressing the importance of investing in timely diagnosis and taking the right treatment.