The maintenance of friendly and productive relations with Russia is a consistent choice of Greek foreign policy, New Democracy's shadow foreign minister Giorgos Koumoutsakos said on Friday, expressing concern about the worsening of relations between the two countries following the expulsion of diplomats.

"It is a self-evident principle that every country should respect the sovereignty of another and avoid any intervention in the former's domestic affairs," Koumoutsakos said. "Under this angle, we have been watching with great concern the recent negative developments that culminated in the unacceptable reference by the Russian prime minister to a 'Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus'," the ND deputy added.

Koumoutsakos called on the government on behalf of ND to "provide full disclosure in Parliament about the latest developments in Greek-Russian relations" and for a speedy restoration of relations between the two countries.

Greece expelled two Russian diplomats for attempts to "interfere in domestic affairs," as the Greek Foreign Ministry said, which resulted in Russia's decision to relatiate with the expulsion of Greek diplomats in Moscow.