New Democracy party has announced its decision to withdraw its members and MPs from the shows and newscasts of ERT, after a journalist of ERT compared the opposition leader with dictator Mussolini, during a news show. In an open letter to ERT and Minister Nikos Pappas, New Democracy states, “They have degraded public television with their obscene propaganda.”

On his part, government spokesperson Dimitris Tzanakopoulos stated that New Democracy has done worst in the past as far as ERT is concerned, since it shut it down over a night, while the boycott shows its overall perception on the way one should handle public television.

In an announcement, ERT underlines, “Of course, New Democracy has the right to prohibit its representatives from appearing in news shows of ERT, with all the consequences this decision may have for the full information of viewers regarding political current affairs; however, ERT will obviously continue to cover the activities of party leaders exactly as provided for by law.”