A new festival at the intersection of health, high-tech and creativity aiming to make cities of the future a better place to live in, takes place at Leuven, Belgium, from 2 to 5 of May 2018.

The festival and summit and& features more than a 100 thinkers, inventors, entrepreneurs and artists of all backgrounds who will be exploring the impact of health, tech and creativity on future city life. The 4-day program features talks, avant garde  music performances, a start-up and scale-up forum, a tech expedition and art interventions in public spaces.

Bound by the desire to make cities of the future a better place to live in, the festival will challenge speakers, artists and attendees alike to explore current issues and tendencies in the health, tech and art sectors in order to help understand and anticipate the future we live in.

In start-up demo day, some of the best Belgian startups will be presenting projects, innovative technologies and services to an audience of investors, CEO’s, media and entrepreneurs.

The tech expedition section, features multidisciplinary projects combining next generation technology with refreshing creativity. It is an intervention-filled program connecting the audience with immersive, high-tech experiences.

One of the most anticipated events, an artificial intelligence-infused opera composed by Luc Steels & Oscar Vilarroya and based on the legend of Faust, will be presented during the festival. Fausto is a contemporary opera about transhumanism with a contemporary take on the blurred boundaries of a digitized world. The music is written in the Western musical tradition whereby melody, tonality, rhythm, and harmony are used in the service of emotion and meaning. The music program also features avant-garde artists exploring new trends in dance and electronic music.

The and& festival also invites 1200 children to explore the fascinating world of technology, innovation and creativity. Through workshops and installations they learn more about drones, robots, VR, 3D scanners and printers, laser cutters and much more.