Through a long list of factual events and active subjects such as revolutionary and popular leaders and fighters, portraits of intellectuals, anthropological studies, World War II and racial discrimination in America, national emblems, symbols of struggle and power, uprisings, victims and the violence of state oppression of recent history, views of the Greek financial crisis, and the capsized refugee boats at the bottom of the Aegean Sea, the paintings of Kostas Tsolis challenge the conventions of the visual.

Within this expanding creative universe, Tsolis invites audiences to a new exhibition at the State Museum of Modern Art. In “Another day in paradise,” at the Moni Lazariston, Tsolis merges archival materials, newspaper and magazine illustrations, advertising and documentary excerpts. The result is a productive pondering of History, personal and collective memory into a single environment curated by Giannis Mpolis.

Where: State Museum of Modern Art; Moni Lazariston
When: February 7 – May 6; Thursdays: 10 am – 10 pm, all other days except Mondays: 10 am – 6 pm