Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias described the allegations of “occupation of Greek territory by a foreign power” as “nonsense” and categorically denied allegations in a British newspaper that 16 hectares of Greek territory were occupied by Turks in the Evros region.

Mr. Dendias clarified that Greece has started preparatory work for the extension of the fence in Evros and Turkey has given us a statement requesting that we get to know in advance the coordinates of the construction of this fence.

Greece, as it should, responded negatively to this, since the fence is made exclusively on Greek soil and therefore we have no reason to inform Turkey about anything.

Mobility was then detected from the Turkish side at a point where preparatory work had been carried out for the construction of the fence, and the Foreign Ministry sent a second notice to the Turkish ambassador in Athens, demanding that there will not be any action from the side of the neighboring country.

According to diplomatic sources, “the borderline between the two countries has been set based on the Lausanne Treaty and Protocol of 1926, is recognized as such, and cannot be contested”.