Volcanoes always warn, said Professor of Geology and Natural Disasters Management Efthimios Lekkas, talking on ERT, commenting on a recent international scientific research that speaks of two volcanoes exploding in Greece, without specifying the exact period. The volcanoes of Santorini and Nisyros, mentioned in the research, present a periodicity of volcanic activity every 18,000 years approximately, while the last explosion in Santorini took place around 3,500 years ago, which means that many thousands of years are left for the phenomenon to reoccur, said the Professor.

However, Mr. Lekkas said that it is not unlikely for a smaller-scale explosion to occur, but this will take place within an expected scope and not without warning. For such a case, the scientific committees monitoring volcanic activity in Greece have taken all necessary measures, and the State has prepared special management plans, especially for the tourist period, added the Professor.


Translation: Eleni Gogou