Following its grand premiere at the Epidaurus Ancient Theater, Stavros Tsakiris’s staging of “Oedipus at Colonus” sets off on a tour of Greek cities.

The play, the beloved tragic poet’s last composed tragedy, widely recognized as his masterpiece. The performance features Kostas Kazakos in the homonymous role, flanked by a celebrated cast, including Dimitris Lignadis, Kora Karvounis, Jenny Kollias, Aris Troupakis, Dimitris Immelos, and Dimitris Lalos. Original music by Minos Matsas is performed live during the performance by four cantors, turning the sounds into a parallel text by the Chorus.

Tsakiris looks into a narrative for tragedy that serves as a celebration shared by spectators and actors, originating in their coming together. In an empty landscape, using minimal objects, we watch Oedipus’s final moments being presented as a parable: An old legend, presented by a group of today’s people, trying to bring it into a living dialogue with today, to awaken consciences against the prejudices that divide us. Instrumental in this staging is the play’s new translation by Dimitris Dimitriadis, distinctively using the Greek language’s historical transformation to provide a common space for the cast and audiences to debate tradition and modernity.

On Wednesday, July 26, the performance reaches the “Petra Theater” in Petroupoli, before travelling to Ioannina (July 29, Frontzos Open Theater), Patras (July 31-August 1, Patras Ancient Odeon), and Messologgi (August 3, Oiniades Ancient Theater).

You can watch the performance’s trailer here.

For tickets, please visit this link.